What is KAPAP

What is KAPAP

KAPAP is a self defense method has been developed for a wide audience.
KAPAP is Israeli self-defense method. This method can be learned by anyone.
Muscle strength and condition are not important.

With help of the KAPAP techniques KAPAP you can defend your self against violence.
One of the princeples of KAPAP is: Do not use more force than is strictly necessary to defend your self. These KAPAP techniques are tested and accpeted within the law of the Netherlands.
You also learn to recognize the signs of violence, and how you can avoid confrontations. Wim Taekema is the only person in the Netherlands how is
recognized by the International KAPAP Association Israel(IKA) and President of the IKA Holland.

The objective of KAPAP is to defend your self in the shortes possible time.

The basics are composed of the following aspects :
A. Avoid injury
B. Be Modest , try to escape from the threatening situation
C. No difficult and long techniques ( no fancy moves )
D. Use vulnerable body parts
E. Do not use force , but use short and effective techniques
F. Use any object in your surroundings
G. No rules, everything is permitted. No unnecessary injury but short and effective, or within art.41 . So respond with appropriate force

The focus is not so much on learning many techniques, but rather to understand what makes an technique effective. If the student correctly apply’s the principles of Kapap he can create new solutions for different situations.

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